3V Gear Outlaw Sling Pack Over the Shoulder Day Bag

3V Gear Outlaw Sling Pack Over the Shoulder Day Bag

Product description

3V Gear Outlaw Sling Pack For the adventurer always on the move, impossible to catch and virtually unstoppable, only the 3V Gear Outlaw Sling Pack will do. Don’t miss a step with this innovative sling style pack designed to provide quick access to your mission critical gear without removing the pack. Simply sling the Outlaw from your back to your chest and access via the side oriented compartments to your neatly organized gear. Built to exacting standards from heavy-duty 600D PVC nylon with rust resistant nylon zippers this pack can handle the rigors of Every Day Carry without a hitch. When carrying a large load, the extra stabilizer strap will transform theOutlaw Gear Slinger into a hauler just as steady and stabile as any daypack. Featuring three intelligently sized storage compartments (with built in organizers), hydration compatible, and sling style design allows for full range of motion whether shouldering a weapon or scrambling up a talus slope. You’ll be the one with the quickest draw when outfitted with the Outlaw. Features: Built to exacting standards from heavy-duty 600D PVC nylon Main compartment: 15” H x 8”W x 4”D (480 cubic inches) w/ internal organization Top front: 4.5″ H x 7.5″ W x 2″ D (68 cubic inches) w/ internal organization Bottom front: 8.5″ H x 8″ W x 2″ D (136 cubic inches) w/ internal organization Overall Size: 684” total cubic inches Main compartment and hydration sleeve can accept CCW accessories Shoulder strap designed for left shoulder for better weapon shouldering Bag can be worn in front and contents comfortably accessed while sitting Water bottle pocket sized to fit 32 oz. bottle Theft deterrent devices built-in to secure zipper pulls All zipper pulls threaded with para-cord for durability and noise reduction MOLLE and PALs compatible Reinforced top and side handles Molded EVA vented back panel and air mesh sling strap Hydration compatible MOLLE Velcro ID panel w/3V Gear 3D PVC Logo patch


I have always had an enthusiasm for homesteading and for living off the grid even though I live in a combination of country and urban setting. Living in Central Florida north of the big cities we have the best of both worlds, country and the conveniences that a person would have living in a large urban city. I personally have had a concern about our weakening economy and how it effects each and every-one of us. The second thing that I have a concern about is how most of the world view’s our country and what may happen one day here in the United States. My Life Experiences I was raised by parents that grew up during the great depression, they passed onto me what life was like and how people had to live during this time period. My family were farmers, gardeners, and homesteaders, they were raised this way and they passed onto me these qualities. I also have family members that live totally off the grid. They live in the North Woods of Minnesota which is a great location for living off the grid. The Southern Homesteader is a passion of mine, I love passing on and sharing information about cooking, news, being self-sufficient, living off the grid, canning, food storage, budgeting, and much more. Since this blog is a passion of mine I am constantly adding and tweaking this site to be a better resource for you. More About Me I grew up in Northern Illinois farm fields. After spending most of my life in large corporate business I decided to relocate to a small town on the nature coast of Central Florida. This is where I met my wife and between us we have 4 wonderful daughters. We have a small homestead where we raise our chicken and live freely. We also have a bug-out place in the mountains of North Carolina that we call our retreat. We spend time there getting things prepared for all our family members when SHTF. I am blessed with a wonderful family and the knowledge that God has given me so I can pass this along to you the readers. I will never tell what you what to do or what to purchase, I just am offering my opinion. I want to take this time to thank each and every one of you. Always feel free to contact me and drop me a note. I will do my best to respond to your emails in a timely manner. Thank you again, Tom Johnson

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