8 Truths For A Happier Life

We all are human beings that live on this earth and each of us are trying to find our way through life every day.

Each and every day we try to find the meaning of our lives and we search daily for a better understand what the meaning of our lives is all about. All of us are given gifts, specialties and tools in order to be a positive influence on others and make our life more rewarding.

For some they know what their gifts are and they use their gifts to guide them in everything they do. While others cannot find their gifts because they are consumed with the stresses of the noisy world around them and the negative mental thoughts that cloud their judgement. Today many people allow distractions to keep them from finding and using their gifts to help others and to keep them from living a fulfilled life. These distractions are fear, ego, pressures from society, self-esteem, lack of faith…and thus, distractions will always hold us back.

In my walk through life I have witnessed many people find their true happiness in life. Each of these people had come to an understanding that they needed to find truths in their own timing and in their own way…

Let’s examine 8 of these truths are and what we need to do to be able to live by them.


  • Nobody can change who you are.

No one has the right to say who you are except for you. There are people and circumstances that can play a role in defining who you are if you allow these people or actions control your life. Do not allow negative people or situations to change who you are. By allowing negativity to define your life you are giving up control of your destiny. Learn to be yourself and learn to be happy with how you were born.

  • You were born with a purpose.

Some people call it being predestined, but each of us were put on this earth for a purpose. Many people will chase around a carrot trying to do more, be more and become more but in reality the roadmap of our life will unfold once we stop forcing ourselves to get more or when we stop trying to outdo others and learn to relax and trust in ourselves. Each one of us were born with qualities and gifts, some of these gifts do not show themselves to us until we grow spiritually and emotionally. As we mature some gifts are unlocked for us to use once we have the wisdom to use them.

  • Don’t let your mind control you.

All the uproar in your mind should not control who you are and it should not control how you live. You need to create space between you and your thought life, your thoughts should not guide how you live. Many people are enslaved by negativity and fear because they listen to all the noise that is in their subconscious.

  • Don’t get handcuffed by trying to be perfect.

Each person was born differently, just like there are no two snowflakes that are identical the same is true with us humans. The world is imperfect and each one of us are born imperfect as well. You must learn to use your imperfections, your quirks, and your flaws. We need to strive for distinction and high quality of excellence with what we are given and how each one of us is made. This does not mean that we must strive for perfection because perfection will never be attained, it will only lead you down a road of deceit and doom.

  • The past is the past.

You should never focus on the past because if you do you will miss the future. The past is just a mental memory. When you frequently relive the past you are suffocating your ability to live in the moment and make the best of your life.

  • How you believe in-yourself determines your reality.

You can change how you believe in yourself in order to build your self-confidence. Your opinion of yourself is deep-rooted in your brain, if these opinions of yourself are negative you need to change these thoughts to be more positive of yourself. The same way these negative opinions of yourself grew over time by changing your thought patterns to be repetitive positive thoughts eventually you will accept the positive as being the truth about yourself.

  • Be all you can be.

Each of us are unique. Each of us have unique gifts and abilities. No one on the face of this earth has what you have to give. Never underrate your abilities and what you can give back to others. Each one of us are given certain gifts and powers learn how to use what you were given and learn to be yourself and live a full authentic life.

  • Learn to forgive and let go.

If you want to live a happy life you need to forgive others in order to set yourself free. Letting go is not giving up on yourself or others. We all want to be happy in life but sometimes we all tie our hands to guilt and unforgiveness. When we let go and surrender this will bring peace, joy and happiness into our lives. We must also remember forgiveness is not just others but we need to be able to forgive ourselves.

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.


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