Surviving a EMP Strike Even If It Is A Natural Disaster

A few years ago when I started my prepping it was because of a book that a friend of mine loaned me called the “One Second After” written by William R. Forstchen . After reading this amazing book I knew that I needed to start getting ready for whatever event would take place on this planet from a minor inconvenience like loosing power do to some sort of natural storm or a major catastrophic event.

Every day I read the news to see what is happening in this crazy world that we live in.  If you are not living under a rock you can see for yourself that things around the world are spinning totally out of control.  Everyday there are articles about how our enemies like Russia, China, Iran  and etc. are ready to take us on head to head in war. The one country that has my interest peeked at the moment is North Korea. The unstable radical President  seems to be putting on the finishing touches on a ballistic missile or some sort of satellite nuclear bomb.  This crazy person has only one intention in life it seems and it is to wipe the United States off the map. 

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Why Should We Prep?

Most of us prep for various reasons and it is by all means great to be ready for whatever comes our way. A household should have about twelve months of supplies on hand for whatever disaster comes our way. When I talk about disasters I just don’t mean war or being taken over by zombies or aliens, what I am talking about could just be a natural disaster like tornadoes, hurricanes, solar flares or etc. Whatever the risk you need to be prepared and have the basic understanding and supplies on hand for whatever comes our way.

Most people that have been prepping for a while may have head of “EMP” or Electromagnetic Pulse. If you read the articles that I have linked above or read the book “The One Second After” you will see that this is one of the number one threats to our country and our way of life.

What is an EMP?

Again an EMP is just an Electromagnetic Pulse and these pulses do happen periodically all around the world. So what is the big deal, let’s look deeper and you will see what the big deal really is.

When dealing with an EMP an EMP can be caused by either man made device like a nuclear explosion or it can happen by a natural disaster like a thunderstorm or a solar storm. Many of us have experienced an EMP on a small scale already and many of you have not even known it. Small EMP’s happen during lightning storms or major thunderstorms. Living here in Florida we have thunderstorms all year long and we lose our power with just about every thunderstorm. What happens is lightning hits a transformer in the neighborhood and it sends a large surge of electricity through the electric lines blowing other transformers or sends the energy down the lines to the homes. When this energy enters the home it blows out devices that are not connected to surge suppressors. These devices would be televisions, computers, dvd players, just about anything that is plugged into an electrical outlet. This would be a low-level EMP which just causes us to be inconvenienced and annoyed.

Now let’s take a look at an EMP which occurs on a much larger scale. An EMP could occur by either a foreign nuclear explosion or by a major solar storm which either of these could take place at any time. Now if a disaster like this was to take place we would be a lot more than inconvenienced it would a disaster that would cripple a nation or cripple the world. When this does take place it would not just leave us without power for a few days like a thunderstorm it would crash our whole way of life for many years.

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Like I mentioned above, this threat is knocking on our door as we speak. The two articles that I linked above came this week when I was scanning my news that I read about what is happening in our enemy’s countries. The article satellite bomb talks about North Korea arming a satellite that would cause an EMP to go off over the United States. So the threat is real and if you are not preparing I would suggest start doing your homework and get started immediately.

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When we talk about a major EMP taking place we are not just talking about not being able to watch television or running your electric hair dryer we are talking about everything that is plugged in to the power grid or anything that has electronic circuits will be fried and made unusable for good. If your car is newer than 20 years old then it will be fried and you will not be able to use it either. Now if you have a generator and you think you will be ok think again, generators have electrical parts in them so your generator will not work either.

What Do We Do

Now I am not saying all this to cause you to think like a mad person and you have to go out and purchase everything off the shelves at the store and start hording everything in your home. I want to scare you enough to start thinking like a prepper and get you to start preparing for the day that an EMP will take place. Whether an EMP by our enemy’s or an EMP by a solar storm you need to be ready. Solar storms that can cause an EMP take place about every 11 years. A major solar flare will take less than five minutes to cause major catastrophic destruction. Just like in the book “One Second After” planes fell out of the sky, transportation came to a halt, the power grid shut down, the nuclear power plants had major melt down, fires erupted all over the place, and so on. Life as we know it would be turned back in time to the 1800’s.

Here is Florida when a hurricane comes knocking on our door we see people running to the stores several days before the storm is to take place and wiping everything off the shelves that they can put in their carts. Gas stations have lines at the pumps, lumber yards selling all the building material as fast as it comes in. This is just for a possible storm, what will happen when disaster happens?

I remember back to the day of Y2K, we were supposed to lose everything and time was going to be turned back to 1900 and life was going to be over. Again people horded everything and there was panic on the streets. We were lucky back then and the threat was taken care of. But this kind of threat, either man made or natural cannot be contained. Get prepared and get your family ready for whatever happens, because it is going to happen one day we just don’t know when or how.


I have always had an enthusiasm for homesteading and for living off the grid even though I live in a combination of country and urban setting. Living in Central Florida north of the big cities we have the best of both worlds, country and the conveniences that a person would have living in a large urban city. I personally have had a concern about our weakening economy and how it effects each and every-one of us. The second thing that I have a concern about is how most of the world view’s our country and what may happen one day here in the United States. My Life Experiences I was raised by parents that grew up during the great depression, they passed onto me what life was like and how people had to live during this time period. My family were farmers, gardeners, and homesteaders, they were raised this way and they passed onto me these qualities. I also have family members that live totally off the grid. They live in the North Woods of Minnesota which is a great location for living off the grid. The Southern Homesteader is a passion of mine, I love passing on and sharing information about cooking, news, being self-sufficient, living off the grid, canning, food storage, budgeting, and much more. Since this blog is a passion of mine I am constantly adding and tweaking this site to be a better resource for you. More About Me I grew up in Northern Illinois farm fields. After spending most of my life in large corporate business I decided to relocate to a small town on the nature coast of Central Florida. This is where I met my wife and between us we have 4 wonderful daughters. We have a small homestead where we raise our chicken and live freely. We also have a bug-out place in the mountains of North Carolina that we call our retreat. We spend time there getting things prepared for all our family members when SHTF. I am blessed with a wonderful family and the knowledge that God has given me so I can pass this along to you the readers. I will never tell what you what to do or what to purchase, I just am offering my opinion. I want to take this time to thank each and every one of you. Always feel free to contact me and drop me a note. I will do my best to respond to your emails in a timely manner. Thank you again, Tom Johnson