Starting a Duct-Cleaning Business

Today there are more people that are health conscience and many people deal with allergies. It is time to tap into this great market by opening a duct-cleaning business. The Environmental Protection Agency reports that this service is needed for a number of conditions from mold development to rodent issues.

The business of cleaning furnace and A/C ducts has become a regular routine for home and business owners. This business is relatively inexpensive and the need is tremendous. People like myself that suffer from allergies or other respiratory issues really benefit from this service.

With little skill and knowledge and a small investment makes this business venture very attractive for just about anyone.

To build a client base takes a little communication with local real estate agents, property inspection companies, heating and A/C contractors and property management companies. Show these people the benefits of clean ducts and you should have business flowing your way in no time. Once you have established a client base referrals from previous clients should tip the scale of your success. Offer a yearly follow-up maintenance at a reduced rate will help to keep return revenue year after year.

Advantages of a duct-cleaning business.

  • Flexible work schedule
  • Health benefits for your clients
  • Franchise opportunties
  • Easy to establish a client base
  • Return customer base
  • Low overhead
  • Offer additional services like dryer vent cleaning and chimney cleaning services.

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