Why Do Great People Leave Their Jobs?

Do you ever wonder why great employees leave their jobs?

I see it every day, I come into the office in the morning and I hear “Joe Blow over in ___ handed in his keys and quit the company”, I hear this way too often. The question is why are we losing all this good talent on a daily basis? These people were driven, seemed to love their job, they were highly educated and they seemed to fit the mold of the perfect manager or employee. One day they are part of the family and the next day they are gone.

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics report that the average employee only stays on a job for about 1.5 years. I know in the company that I am employed with see’s their highest turnover in the first year of employment. Let’s take a look at some reasons why employees leave their job and what can be done to prevent this from happening.

Lack of Communication

The management staff or the head of the company has a limited or no idea of where the company is planning on going. Now you and the executive staff may have a vision but you may not be communicating this to the work force that is under you. Many companies lack good communication skills to their full work force. They may have good communication skills with the upper level managers but this communication does not get down to the people that do make a difference to the company. The more successful companies and organization are great at attracting great employees because they have the communication skills to show the vision of the company from the top executives to the blue collar workers.

Management is Unethical

You may have employees that are positive and are full of energy to go out and have a great productive day. But this short lived if the management staff or company is unethical or have no values. When a company or department works as a team the employees engage with each other and they do not leave the company. But when there is low morale and everyone is unhappy at work, no one wants to works in conditions like this.

No Future or Advancement

This is a huge one with me. I cannot stand working in a place that has no advancement opportunities. I am the kind of employee that strives hard to go up the corporate ladder. The position I am in now is the highest position that I can go in my present company. I have excelled from the lowest position to the highest in less than five years, so now I feel stagnant and I am at the end of my road. Have you shared a vision or a road map for your employees to follow so they can excel or do they feel that they are in a dead end career? To have a chance for advancement in a company gives the employee motivation to do his or her best in order for them to grow with the company. During interviews I hear from prospective applicants that one thing they are looking for in a company is a chance to advance. If employees don’t feel that they can advance in a company then what motivation do they have to give their all?

No Respect

This is another huge one for me. The one thing that I totally hate is an employee that does not show his or her employee’s any respect. You may have all the respect and appreciation for your employee’s but if they have no clue or they don’t realize how important they are they may end up leaving. A manager or executive should never talk down to your employees and make them feel the size of an ant, instead it is your position to make them feel appreciated for all the hard work and contribution that they give you, make them feel like part of the family and what they do does matter to the overall health and strength of the company.

No Sense of Opportunity

Many people in mid-management or below hate to be micromanaged. When you are a manager at any scale you should have the opportunity to make decisions based on your paygrade and be able to do so without having to be questioned on every decision you make. You were hired or put into an authoritative role to make decisions, if you are not allowed to act in this capacity then you are no better than your subordinates. People want to important and challenged and if you take this away from them then you will lose valuable employees. For example, I am told that I have a budget and that I need to control my expenses. The issue is that I have no control over what I purchase, who I hire, the employee’s salaries, and etc. My question is, why am I given a budget when I have no control over anything in the budget, this makes me feel inadequate that I cannot make simple basic managerial decision on the budget.

Not Treated Fairly

If you want to lose employees fast, then treat them unfairly. Another one of my examples, we have two office managers in our front office, one has been here ten plus years and she makes $13.00 an hour, the new office manager started with us a year ago and she started at $14.00 an hour. How do you feel the first office manager that has been with us for ten plus years feels knowing that the second office manager just started and has very little experience is making a dollar an hour more than the first one? The outcome to that story is, the first office manager did leave the company because she thought this was totally unfair.

In your company do you pay your employees fairly? Do management in your company treat all employees equally? If you have issues with racism, sexual inappropriateness, religious issues or any other issues that makes the employee feel like they are being treated unfairly this needs to be addressed immediately or you will be losing good employees fast. 

What can be done?

We have touched several areas here that make people leave a company, so what are some solutions to prevent this from happening in your company?

  • Open up communication lines from the top floor all the way down to the daily work force.
  • Have engaging meeting with employees on a regular basis, this way they feel like their opinions do matter.
  • Have employees partake in surveys and goal setting, this makes the employees feel engaged.
  • Managers and employees need to feel secure in their position, encourage your employees and managers and give them small gifts of appreciation.
  • Have discussion groups with your people on how to make the workplace better.
  • Include all management staff when working on budgets and look for their input.
  • A couple times a year have the executives pass along to all employees a clear vision of where the company is planning on going and what are the goals of the company.
  • Maybe start a company newspaper or magazine, I saw this at Disney when I was employed there. This was a great communication tool for all employees to be engaged in.


If you want to stop the rotating door of employees from starting and leaving your company you need to identify what the issues. After you find out what the issues may be then you need to what needs to be done to rectify the problems. Hopefully this article opened up your eyes to situations that may be taking place in your company.


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