How To Own and Operate A Cleaning Business

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Owning and operating a cleaning service.

Every Wednesday night while I am working late at the office our cleaning company comes in to clean our office. Over the years I have gotten to know the owner of this cleaning company and not too long ago I found out that he use to sit in the chair I sit in now working for the same company that I am a slave at.  One night I asked him why he left the security of working for a corporation and went out on his own, he had a simple answer to my question and that was” he was sick and tire of being of being stressed out”. I can totally agree with him.

Owning and operating a cleaning service is not a glamorous or high-tech type of business. But a person that wants to work hard can make a very nice rewarding income for themselves and their family.  The cleaning service business has two main niche markets, the residential side of the business where people clean homes for individuals and the commercial side where you can clean offices, salons, barbershops, the list is endless. A person like the one that cleans our office does both, he cleans a few homes a week and he has a few accounts where he cleans offices in the evening or on the weekend.

A cleaning business can be worked either part-time or full-time, another friend of mine works forty hours a week at a hospital and then cleans condo’s in the evenings and on weekends. She does cleaning about twenty hours a week. She likes the benefits that she receives from the hospital so she stays employed with them otherwise she would be doing the cleaning business full time.

The perk of running a cleaning service business part-time or full -time does draw a wide range of people into this industry. Another perk to this industry is that you can design the business to fit your family needs, like my two friends they operate their businesses in a way to suit their lifestyle and their family’s needs. The person that cleans our office is home most of the day to take care of things at home, like a mister mom, while my other friend does her cleaning mostly in the evenings when she does not have anything else to do. Some cleaning businesses grow their business so they can hire people to do the cleaning while they do all the administrative work from home. Not too many businesses offer the flexibilities like this business offers.

Are you qualified to do this?

The qualifications depend on what type of cleaning service you want to offer your clients. But for any business like this you need to have the determination, patience, be a self-starter, and some business knowledge to succeed. In the beginning, you will need to wear the hat of many people, you will have to be able to market yourself, take care of the books, be able to handle customer relations, be the purchasing agent, and once you start hiring people you will need to be the HR director. Most people that have the desire to running their own business do have what it takes to be qualified to operating a business like a cleaning service.

Where to find your clientele?

Getting started is the hardest part of this business or any business as far as that goes. Most people that I know start by opening the business on a part-time basis. They start by cleaning their friends and family’s homes, then they start passing our business cards to co-workers and people they run into at the local stores. Many stores also have referral boards where you can hang up business fliers or business cards. I would also run post on all my social media sites letting everyone you know what you are doing. Believe it or not, if you do quality work and are fare, ethical and have a good image you will be successful before you know it and the referrals will keep pouring in.


Remember, there will always be dirt and as long as things get dirty there will always be a need for professional cleaning businesses. This business can be a gold mine, just keep in mind though it does take hard work and a self-driven person to be successful at this type of business.

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