Life Back During The Old Day’s

How our grandparents survived the old day’s

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Today’s lifestyle is so much different than from when I was a child. I am 54 and in the past forty years our life has gone crazy. Today people are walking around with a phone stuck in their ear, pedestrians are getting hit by cars because they are too busy to check for traffic because they are texting on their cell phones, then we have the people that sit around in their free time playing video games. We live in an age of high stress and RUSH, RUSH, RUSH…..

Let’s take a look back in time to the days of our grandparents and great grandparents and see what they did on a daily basis.

  1. They had family picnics. I remember after church on Sunday morning all the family members gathered at the grand-parents’ home and had a potluck picnic. This was a great time to spend with family.
  2. They had sewing groups. Women from back in that day would meet together and have afternoons of sewing clothes and quilts for the family. Most people did not have money to just go out and purchase new clothes. When clothes were torn or holes wore into the knees or back side the wives would mend and repair the clothes.
  3. They had card parties. I remember my parents on Friday night’s gathering with friends for potluck dinner and then they sat around and played cards. The kids would sit and play board games together.
  4. Take walks together. Automobiles were a luxury back then, even if you owned a car or truck many people would still walk to the store or to a friend’s house. Even when I was young I would ride my bike everywhere, my parents would say God gave you two feet use them.
  5. Gardening People grew their own vegetables in the back yard. Shipping of fresh fruit and vegetables was not possible back then because of spoilage. Today we ship produce all around the world.
  6. Canning In the fall when the harvest would come in families would spend weekends canning fruit, meat, and vegetables so they would have food for the winter and until the next summer came around to grow a new garden.
  7. Raised their own livestock. I remember stories from my parents how they would raise their own rabbits, chickens, pigs and beef in order to have food on the table. If they did not raise their own they did not have meat for the table. Back then you did not run to the store to pick up a package of meat.
  8. People sent post cards in the mail. I still remember the days of being on vacation with my parents and going to the corner drugstore to purchase postcards to mail to family and friends. There were no computers and cell phones, so there were no email or text messages.
  9. Cooked homemade meals. Back then there was no such thing as microwaves. I remember the first time I saw a microwave I was about 6 years old. The microwave was huge back then and took a lot of counter space. But nothing can replace a good homemade meal. I dream of my grandmother’s homemade casseroles and deserts.
  10. Hung clothes to dry. One thing you never see anymore is people hanging their clothes out to dry. Back in our grandparents day everyone had clothes lines for hanging out their laundry. The amount of energy we waste these days just by drying clothes in a gas or electric dryer is ridiculous.
  11. Drinking water. The days of drinking water from a faucet or from the garden hose are far behind us. Today we have to make sure that the water is filtered, or bottled before we drink the water. I can still remember the old hand pump in the backyard that we use to get water from. My sister that lives off the grid has been pumping their water from a shallow well with a hand pump for over thirty years and they are still good and healthy. Back when I was growing up you never heard of or saw bottled water.
  12. Television It wasn’t till I was 16 before we heard of cable television. Back when my parents were growing up there was no television just radio. Today we have flat panel televisions and many endless ways to watch television shows and movies. Families would sit and talk together and read books or did hobbies in the evenings.
  13. Tanning salons The days of laying on a chase lounger in the sun to get a sun tan. Better yet how about laying on the beach in sunny Florida to soak up the rays and get a perfect tan. Not today, first it is unhealthy and why spend hours outside relaxing when you can go and lay in a tanning bed at a tanning salon.


Don’t get me wrong many of these conveniences I have and live with today but I still dream about the days when we did not have cell phones, could drink water from a hand pump, watch kids outside playing, having card games with friends, gardening, and taking walks and enjoying the outdoors.

If you remember stories from your grandparents or remember things from the past that we don’t see today drop us a comment.



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