Methods For Smoking Meat

Methods For Smoking Meat

Smoking Meat

Smoking meat has two complete different purposes, one is for flavoring the meat in order to consume it for immediate use and the other is for storing the meat for a later date. Here in the south both methods are used by many people.

Who does not like to have a rack of smoked ribs for dinner or a half of chicken that has been slowly cooked in a smoker. These are two main meat dishes that us southerners love to consume. Today home smokers are sold at almost any large box stores or you can pick one up online from places like Amazon.

Smoking meat can be an art, like mastering how to make fall of the bone barbecue ribs. Smoking meat for dinner is done by starting the smoker in the morning and letting the meat slow cook at a low indirect heat. Cooking something like a pork shoulder roast with the smoke contained in the smoker while cooking a low heat can make some of the best pulled pork that is delicious and tender

Now if you are wanting to smoke meat for preservation you will need to decide if your going to cold smoke or hot smoke the meat . If your looking to cold smoke the meat you will want to use a brine to cure the meat. Cold smoking is done by hanging the meat in a smoker where the temperature in the smoking chamber is between 75 – 120 degrees. Using the brine can make the meat saltier than normal smoking of meat, but by cold smoking you will need the brine to cure the meat for later consumption. Cold smoking of meat can make the meat last for years even when the meat is not refrigerated.

The second form of smoking meat for consumption later on is called hot smoking. Hot smoking takes less time than cold smoking since the temperature in the smoke chamber is between 14 – 200 degrees. The shelf life of hot smoked meat is less than cold smoked meat since you do not need to use brine to cure the meat. Some people will use a little brine for flavoring purposes but it does not need to be added if you want to stay away from salty meat.

Both hot smoking and cold smoking of meat help to preserve the meat from insects or bacterial growth on the meat. Salt cured meat or un-smoked meat will draw insects to contaminate the for consumption.

Like I mentioned above, smoking meat can be an art just like cooking can be. Try some practice runs using less expensive cuts of meat till you get the hang of it before spending money on fancy cuts of meats that you may ruin. There are thousands of recipes on the internet for smoking meat, give some a try and let us know how they turned out.

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Don’t Get In The Way Of Your Dreams

Don’t Get In The Way Of Your Dreams

Do not sabotage your dreams.

Do you dream of the day when you can stay at home and be a business entrepreneur working on a project that you are passionate about? Many of us have this dream, for most people the only thing that is holding you back is yourself. What I mean by this is that you are in a comfortable position right now and you are afraid to leave your comfort zone and follow your dreams.

Many fall into this trap and we constantly find ways to sabotage our thoughts and behaviors that hold us back from getting out of our comfort zone and do something that we are passionate about.

Here is a list of thought that I have come up with that kept me in the past from stepping out of my comfort zone.

  • The wait game – Many of us play the wait game. We tell ourselves and others that when I have accomplished X – Z I will start my business. If you have a strong desire to have a home based business then there is no time like the present to get it started. If you do not start now then you will probably never will get started.
  • Looking for help – Starting a home based business can be intimidating and many of us are waiting for someone to come along to hold our hand while we are scared to take the leap of faith. I use to feel this way but I found support from online communities and forums on the subject that I wanted to start my business in. Asking people that are in like businesses on forums can be a much better resource than waiting for someone to hold your hand. Many people in these forums have been in the same boat as you are right now and they can guide and direct you in the correct direction.
  • Make the time – We all can come up with the excuse that we do not have enough time. We tend to let distractions get in our way and keep us from focusing on our business. Each one of us are blessed with 24 hours in a day, the question is, what are you going to do with that 24 hours to be a successful at home based business?
  • Remove distractions – We all have distractions in our lives that eat away at our time. We need to focus on shutting down the noise that distracts us from what we are trying to focus on. We need to be 100% focused on what needs to be done in our business first in order to be successful. Turn off the phone, shut off the email, and stop letting social media eat up your time. If you run a home business you need to prioritize your time and your first priority of the day needs to be your business and your cliental.
  • I don’t have the education – Don’t use this excuse to keep you from doing what you are passionate about. Stop telling yourself that you are not smart enough or I don’t have the education to be successful. You don’t have to be a business professional to have a small business that you can run from home.
  • Be positive – Many people fail at home based businesses because they focus on negative comments from family and friends. People today want to see us fail, news and gossip only focus on negativity and not on positive results. Don’t let what overs may say spoil your passion and keep you from succeeding. Keep telling yourself that you will succeed.


If you have the dream of being a successful stay at home business owner then don’t fall into one of these traps that I have mentioned above. Don’t let others or your own mind sabotage you from doing what you are passionate about.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, if you have anything you would like to add we would love to hear from you.


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Keep Striving For Financial Independence and Freedom

Keep Striving For Financial Independence and Freedom

Financial Independence Is A Achievable Goal

Dare to achieve financial independence. Cross the threshold to personal freedom. Make the commitment for your financial success. Remember, the secret to achieving financial independence and real wealth is to establish the mindset of wealth.

In order to earn more money, improve your marketable skills in an area of demand. Focus on personal development to increase your value in the market by becoming better at what you do or by doing something that is more in demand. Look for opportunities to do what you love most in a way that provides service to others on a massive scale.

Pay yourself part of everything you earn. Saving leads to wealth.

Learn to invest your money wisely. It’s true that a fool and his money are soon parted but a wise person and his money will enjoy constantly increasing levels of abundance. Get expert help in your investments, but make your own decisions.

Focus on achieving the levels of wealth in their order of importance. First comes protection, followed by independence. If your investment income covers your essential needs without having to work, you are already financially independent. If not, make this your first major objective after you have a protection fund in place. And once you have achieved financial independence, you opened the door to ultimate freedom. Whatever you want can be yours.

Achieving more wealth will empower you to expand your service to others and, in the process, become more than you get.

Keep money in perspective. It is only a means to an end and not an end in itself. Do not let money control your life. Be the master of your money, not its servant.

Be grateful for what you have, always count your blessings even when you do not think you have any. Gratitude will open the doors to abundance for you.

Follow these exercises to achieve your goal of financial independence.

  • Accept the dare: Resolve to become financially independent.
  • Determine how much income-producing wealth you need to accumulate in order to live in reasonable comfort without having to work the rest of your life.
  • Implement a strategy for wealth-building:
  • Increase your earning power. Determine how you can increase your value in the marketplace and initiate a step-by-step program to do so.
  • Reduce or otherwise control expenses.
  • Pay yourself first. Save part of everything you earn.
  • Establish a Financial Protection Fund: Build a reserve of funds sufficient to live on for one or two years.
  • Start an investment program. Study and practice to become an intelligent investor. Capitalize on the benefits of compounding earnings and “value investing.”
  • List five ways you can contribute to a better world when you become financially independent.

Last but not least, share what you have. Nothing builds character more than helping others. Whatever you do to help others will be returned to you tenfold and more. Achieving financial independence can easily be more than just a dream, you have everything you need to reach your goals right now.

  • Move forward and achieve the level of wealth you desire.
  • You can do it. Try it.
  • I dare you!



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Start Each Day With A Grateful Heart

Start Each Day With A Grateful Heart

We all have been taught from an early age to be grateful for what you have in life. Most of us go from day to day surviving and we do not take the time to be grateful. Even I find myself not appreciating the things in life that God has allowed me to have. As I am around people I find that not many people have a gracious and warm heart anymore. It seems like we are always in a hurry, we have to work more hours to earn more money, we expect more out of our children, and we don’t relax anymore.

Gratitude is found in our hearts, gratitude does not come naturally. We must make a conscience decision to have a grateful heart and we must practice showing acts of kindness. What does gratitude do for us? Gratitude will help us to be less anxious, have a calmer spirit, reduce our blood pressure, make us happier, and if we practice daily being grateful it will cause us to be more confident in ourselves.

There are many ways to bring happiness into our lives, we just need to make a conscience decision to have a grateful heart and start ignoring the negative that attempts to invade our lives.

Arise every morning thanking God for breath of life, this should be the first thing we do each and every morning. Many of us wake dragging ourselves out of bed and the first thought that enters our head is usually something negative. We need to wake being thankful that we have another day on this earth to be a positive example to someone that down and out.  We need to set our minds to be thankful and positive throughout the day, even when our co-workers and others around us are focusing on being negative.

How can we stay positive and bring a life of gratitude to others?

When negativity starts to bring us down, we need to stop and take a deep breath and focus on the blessings that we have been given. This can be difficult but the more you practice it the easier it will become a habit. Showing acts of kindness to co-workers, strangers and your spouse are some good habits to show gratitude to others. I practice opening the car door for my wife whenever we are together, she appreciates each and every time.

Practice starting each day with a grateful heart. Gratitude does change everything.

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Consider A Pool Cleaning Service For A Business

Consider A Pool Cleaning Service For A Business

Pool Cleaning Service Can Be A Great Business Opportunity

Are you looking for ideas in order to start a home based business, have you ever considered opening a pool cleaning service? Living in Florida owning a swimming pool is a necessity. My wife talked me into putting in a 12 thousand gallon above ground swimming pool in order to have pool parties and for the grandchildren to have something to do when they come and visit. We had the pool installed about a month ago and it has been great, now comes the chore of making sure all the chemical levels are perfect in order to have a pristine blue swimming pool. What a nightmare I have gotten myself into.

I thought no problem, I can just hire a pool service to keep the pool chemical levels in check and they will clean the pool once a week while I am at work. No problem I thought, how wrong I was. All the pool service companies in my area are slammed with customers or they don’t service above ground pools, great! Now what do I do?

Having a swimming pool is great, they are relaxing, enjoyable and they can be hours of fun for the family. But a dirty swimming pool can be costly and a breeding ground for mosquitos. Many people like myself don’t have the time or understand the chemistry in order to keep a pool clean and the ph of the water in balance. This is where a pool-cleaning service comes in for being a great business opportunity for those that love to work outside and making people happy.

Marketing For Work.

If you’re the type of person that loves the great outdoors and can work unsupervised and be a self-motivator then this may be a business for you to consider. The clients that you will most likely encounter will be homeowners like myself and owners of apartments, condos, hotels and motels. You will want to find a good pool supply business and a reputable pool builder for the area that you are wanting to service to feed you leads and referrals. Make sure that you have a good supply of professional looking business cards on hand to leave with the pool chemical supply store and the pool installers, this way they can hand your cards out to their clients. Check back often with the store owners and to build a good reputation with them so they continue handing out your name and number.

Here in Florida most everyone has a pool and a pool service. Talk with you competitors, if they are routes are full and they are not looking to add new customers to their business they may help you by giving you referrals of people that call them looking for a service. Another way to advertise your service is by checking the tax assessor office and see who has pulled a permit for a new pool. Drop off to the homeowner of the new pool a brochure of your pool service and offer them a free pool water analysis.

To Get Started

In order to get started you will need to check with the state that you are going to operate in and see if you need to be certified in order to clean pools for the public. If so then check to see what is required to get certified. As for equipment you will need test kits for checking the water condition, poles, hoses, skimmers, pool cleaning screen for taking leaves out of the pool and either a dependable car with a trailer or a dependable pickup truck. Make sure that what-ever vehicle you use for this business that you have it wrapped with your pool cleaning service advertising, your vehicle is a moving billboard.


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Helpful Ideas To Find Your Passion

Helpful Ideas To Find Your Passion

Do you know what your passion is?

We all have dreams and desires, we want everything perfect. We want the perfect house, the perfect job, the perfect children, and the perfect lifestyle. Many of us that in reality we are just living from day to day to make ends meet and do not have any close to a perfect life or living to fulfill our passion in life. Most of us have the Sunday blues because we start dreading about going back to work on Monday. Many of us are forced to work six days a week now in order to try and live a lifestyle that we dream of having one day, but to be truthful we are just becoming workaholics. Then one day reality sets in and you wake up and you are in your middle 50’s, you realize that you have wasted 50 plus years of your life and you have accomplished nothing meaningful.

How can we change and find our passion?

Each and every one of us need to dig deep into our soul and find out what our passion’s are. Many of us a need to put some hard thought into this, we may need to figure out what we really want out of our time here on earth. Let’s take a look at some ideas that may help us figure out what our passion really is.

Make a visionary board

First purchase a large bulletin board, not a marker board but a large cork board to hang pictures on. Thumb through magazines, print off pictures from Google, go through vacation pictures, take all the pictures that bring a twinkle to your eye and hang them on the bulletin board. This is a tacit that sales professionals use to motivate them to go out and sell.

Keep motivated.

Hang encouraging thoughts, sayings, and pictures around the house to help motivate you to find your passion. Motivation is what will keep you searching for your passion.

Make a Pinterest account.

I love Pinterest for making boards of all my favorite things in life. I also have a board for making my bucket list ideas and for ideas that make me happy. I can reflect on these pins and boards to find out what my true passions are.

Reflect back on history.

I love to look back on history and look at old pictures from when I was a child growing up. My two passions from when I was young was to fish and hunt in Wisconsin. Then as I got older things changed in my life, but my dreams and thoughts still go back to the days in Wisconsin growing up as a kid. Then as I grew older my likes changed some and I loved to work on cars. I still have thoughts today about working on old cars and restoring them.

Journal your dreams.

For some of us our dreams while we sleep can speak to us. Dreams are sometimes thoughts and feelings that are in our sub-conscience. For a few people dreams can be scary, but for me and probably many of you our dreams are movies that come from good and positive memory’s of the past. A good activity is to write your dreams out the next morning so you do not forget what your dreams are, record them on paper for future review.

Another activity that you can work on is to list happy fun time’s that you can remember from the past that you loved to do as a child and then later when you were a teenager and then as a young adult. Here are a couple helpful ideas to get you started. 

  • What do you like doing in your free time?
  • What excites you?
  • What kind of lifestyle do you want to accomplish?
  • What are you talents in life?

These are just a few to give you an idea of what to think about when writing down your thoughts and ideas.

Now let’s put the puzzle together.

Now that we have put together a visionary board, started a Pinterest account and have boards and pin’s saved, reflected back to what makes you happy and made a list of what you like to do. Take a look at the visionary board, what type of pictures did you hang on your board? Log into your Pinterest account and see what types of pins are you finding yourself saving, do they resemble the pictures that you have on your visionary board? Re-read your list of activities that you like to participate in, do they reflect anything that you have on your visionary board or pins on Pinterest?

From this you should be starting to see things coming together. Now it is time to take all these pieces and sit down and put together the puzzle of your life together. When the puzzle is done this is what your passion is.


For me my passion is to help others. One way I do this is by my writings and post that I share on this blog. I have a very diverse background and I have accomplished many things that are on my bucket list. I use my writing ability to share what I have done in life and offer advice on many different topics. By being able to do what I have a passion for this gives me ability to enjoy some of my other passions that I have such as fishing, enjoying the great outdoors, and etc.

These activities will not give you all the answers in life, this should help get you started on finding out what you really do desire and get you on the road to finding your true passion. For many of us this is not easy and it will take some hard work, don’t give up in the end it will be well worth the hard work.




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Live Your Life The Danish Hygge Way!

Live Your Life The Danish Hygge Way!

How To Live All The Time Experiencing A Life Of Hygge!

The new word that is being used around many circles of people is called “hygge”. The word is not knew and it derives from a 16 century Norwegian term “to create well being”. In 2016 the word “hygge” was on “The Oxford Dictionaries” word of the year shortlist. The word is pronounced as “hoo-ga” or “hoo-guh” and is a Danish term which is translated to a single meaning of feeling cozy or comfortable. This could be the reason why Denmark is named the “happiest place on earth”.

According to Wikipdeia Hygge comes from a Norwegian word meaning well being and it refers to a form of everyday togetherness. Many of us here in America never have the opportunity to experience hygge in our lives. We are constantly struggling to outdo each other or live in a world of (OCD) Obsessive Compulsive Disorder where we are caught in a cycle of obsession and compulsion which trigger negative reaction, depression and selfishness.

How can we bring hygge into our lives?

We all need to bring some hygge into our lives. When most people start talking about this term or researching the term the first thought that enters a person’s mind is the coziness of being wrapped up with your soulmate in a cozy blanket in front of a warm fireplace, sipping a glass of red wine on a cold winter night. Many of the Scandinavian countries are considered where a good portion of the year is considered winter. Maybe this is why we associate this Danish term to winter and warm fireplaces.

The noun “hygge” means being nice, cozy, safe and it refers to a psychological state and the antonym translates to being “scared”. We need to find ways for us to be content with what we have and change our lifestyle to be more like the Danes in Denmark and take on the culture of having a cozy simplistic lifestyle. With summer being here now how do we bring contentment and coziness to our own homes and keep this lifestyle running in our blood all year around?

  • Create a welcoming atmosphere.

Turn off the television, put down the cell phone and turn off the games and invite friends over for dinner and an old fashioned card game or board game. A sense of togetherness is a part of being hygge.

  • Food is comfort.

What speaks to the soul more than homemade food? Twenty years ago potlucks were a big hit for families, potlucks bring togetherness. Today many of us don’t get together for family birthdays or the holidays anymore. What happen to the days of the whole family sitting around the dining room table enjoying Thanksgiving and Christmas?

Nothing speaks more about hygge than comfort food, family, and friends on a Saturday evening sitting around a bonfire even in the middle of summer.

  • Go outdoors and enjoy nature.

Hygge is not strictly about winter, the Dames practice hygge all year long. God gave us nature for a reason and we need to take advantage of what God has given us and enjoy it. Taking a walk, having a picnic, kayaking or boating, fishing, backyard parties, pool parties, nature photography, these are all relaxing things that bring togetherness.

  • Create an inviting atmosphere.

Spring and summer bring on a chore called spring cleaning. The idea of this is to declutter your home and make it an inviting comfortable space that people will feel relaxed in. Clean out the clutter and unnecessary items that makes the room feel uninviting. You may consider repainting the room with calming colors, have dim lighting, soothing music playing in the background, and have candles burning. The Danes burn about fifteen pounds of wax per year according to Wiking. This means turn down the lighting and light candles for a more calming atmosphere.  

  • Conclusion

Hygge is more than just having a cozy room to sit in and read a good book while sipping hot chocolate. The Danes believe it is important to have a life that is simplistic, a time to wind down and slow down the pace of a person’s life. Hygge needs to start at home, this does not mean that you need to live a life of a minimalist but create a space or place that conveys a positive atmosphere. Make your home inviting, where friends and family will want to come and spend time. It is important to understand though, hygge is an experience and a lifestyle change. The tips above will only inspire hygge all the while helping you to appreciate the life you presently live.

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CDC Recommends Using Lemon Eucalyptus Oil For Biting Insects

CDC Recommends Using Lemon Eucalyptus Oil For Biting Insects

We all know that summer is here and in Florida we did not have a winter at all. Along with hot humid temperatures come mosquitoes and other biting insects. In the past, we used to cover ourselves with a chemical call DEET to help ward off biting insects but DEET does have a lot of negative press that does scare people away from using any products with DEET on the label. DEET is used to repel biting insects by making the insects unable to smell us, this is done by applying this chemical directly to our skin. DEET does not kill the insect, it just masks our odor that draws the insect to us.

In several articles that were posted not long ago the National Pesticide Information Center stated that the CDC is recommending that the use of lemon eucalyptus oil is as effective as DEET. But first the CDC does state that you must avoid mosquito bites and that by using repellents according to the label is the best way to optimize your safety. The CDC does list repellents containing oil of lemon eucalyptus, DEET, picaridin and IR3535 as the most effective products to use.

What is oil of lemon eucalyptus?

This product also goes by the name p-menthane 3,8-idol or PMD. Oil of lemon eucalyptus is a plant based extract from the very tall lemon eucalyptus tree which is also called Corymbia Citriodora that grows about 164 feet tall in the tropical northeastern part of Australian. What is nice about the product besides being an all-natural product is that it provides very similar protection as DEET products.

The p-menthane 3,8-diol (PMD) oil is a synthetic version with the pesticide properties which is used instead of the toxic DEET repellents. In 2000 the EPA did register the oil of lemon eucalyptus or PMD as a bio pesticide repellent. These lotions of sprays can be applied to human skin and clothing for repelling biting insects such as mosquitoes.

Other reported benefits of lemon eucalyptus oil.

Some reports state that this oil can help with arthritis, cold sores, coughing, fever, flu, sinusitis, and poor circulation. Besides this oil helping with these conditions it is also reported that when applied to the skin it may help treating muscle spasms, toenail fungus, and other joint pain relief. When applied as a chest rub it may help with chest congestion.

The EPA has showed that PMD had no adverse effects on humans except for eye irritation. There have been some rare reports of skin irritations like with other herbal oil use. I highly suggest doing a small skin patch test first to make sure that you do not have any side effects or allergic reactions.

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Protein Powder Drink Mix Should Be On Every Preppers List

Protein Powder Drink Mix Should Be On Every Preppers List

Protein Powder Is Not Just For Bodybuilders Anymore.

The reason for this is that protein powder should be an essential product for all preppers to have in their storage room. Many of us store legumes, MRE’s, beans, milk, water and other forms of food, but many of us don’t think about storing protein powder.  

The benefits of protein powder.

A good protein shake made of protein powder is a great way to add protein and many vitamins and minerals to our diet. If you were to use a green super-food powder this also will add fruit and vegetables to your diet. A person needs to have plenty of protein in their diet in order to maintain body mass and strength. Ideally, a person should have about 15 grams of protein at the minimum. The protein that I use has about 25 grams because it is made up of eggs and dairy. Having enough protein in your diet will help many things like

  • Repair and build up muscle tissue
  • Heal the body of injuries
  • Gives a person long lasting stamina
  • Helps boost the immune system of our body to fight off illnesses


Our body is made up of about 45% protein, it can be found in our bones, muscle, hemoglobin and etc. Without a daily supply of protein our bodies will not function properly and we will start losing many bone density and muscle mass.

One of the better protein powders that I like to store is Whey Protein. Again many people think that only bodybuilders benefit from whey protein but in reality this protein is beneficial to almost anyone. For preppers whey protein is easy to store. Here are some reasons that I like whey protein over other forms of powdered drinks.

  • Whey protein is inexpensive and it has less additives than many other powders.
  • Great for reducing high blood pressure
  • Many studies have proven that whey protein can reduce the risk of heart and cardiovascular issues.
  • Whey protein cleanses and removes waste products by maintaining renal filters through stimulating urination so wastes and toxins can be release in order to cut down the risk of bladder infections.
  • Whey protein is great for helping to regulate your digestive system and aids in reducing bloat and flatulence.
  • This protein is loaded with potassium which helps to offset much sodium in your system. By doing this it supports the elimination of excess fluids in your body.
  • By reducing blood pressure in your body this will cut down on you having a stroke.
  • Whey protein has been proven to have higher levels of antioxidant glutathione which is known to suppress the free radicals which often lead to cancer.

Ideal protein product for storage.

Our body needs daily protein intake in order to keep us healthy. Protein shakes can be made simply by adding the required amount of protein powder in a shaker bottle mixing and drinking, this is great especially if you have no electricity for a blender. The shelf life on most protein powders is twenty plus years as long as the seal on the container is left unopened.

What to look for in protein powder drinks.

When doing your own research on what protein powder to purchase for your storage supply here are some things to check out.

  • What sweetener is used, stay away from artificial sweeteners. Find one that has coconut or cane sugar or stevia.
  • Be careful if you are lactose intolerant of the type of protein that you purchase. Some protein drinks can taste terrible. Try a few out before purchasing large quantities for storage.
  • Check the ingredients. Some drinks and powders may have a lot of artificial ingredients, stay away from anything that you do not know what it is.
  • Purchase some unflavored protein, this is a good addition to meals like cream soups, pasta dishes, potatoes, and any dishes that have sauces.


Have you thought of adding protein powder to your food storage list? If this is not part of your stored products you may want to consider picking up some containers of protein, I feel that you cannot have too much protein on hand for an emergency.

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Guide To Set Up An EBay Business

Guide To Set Up An EBay Business

If you are thinking about starting an online EBay business there are many things you need to know to so you can be successful. A lot of people I know have been successful in EBay and some have even given up the corporate life in order to do eBay full time. Now EBay is work, don’t kid yourself.  But if you want a stay at home business this is one that has been around for some time and it has made a lot of people like yourself successful.

First thing first, be smart and do some homework before
diving in with both feet. Explore around and find the power sellers, check out their sites. Power sellers are very successful EBay business owners, look at they are selling and see how they set up their item descriptions and their about me page. Find out what is working for them and take some good notes. They would not be power sellers if they did not know what they are doing.

Now open up an EBay seller’s account. There are a few pages
of information you will need to set up with EBay, you will also need to setup a 
PayPal account in order for your customers to pay you. PayPal is one of the
best and easiest accounts for people to pay you through especially with a
credit card.

Find items that are in high demand, this will take some
research on your part. This is where you do some investigative work on power seller’s sights, and check out the “hot topic area” on EBay. What I did was I started selling items that were lying around my home and items that were cluttering up my garage and my shed. I started with these because these items were pure profit for me; I also had some old college text books that were in the closet
doing me no good. I listed these on EBay and sold them for two to three times
more profit than what I would have gotten for them at a yard sale.

Once you have your EBay business up and going and you have learnt the basics of what to do and how to
do it. You will want to think about opening up an EBay store. An EBay store is a great place to show off all the items you have listed on EBay. People may be searching for one item and then they go to your store and find something that they just can’t live without, they would not have known about that item if they
did not see it in your store.

One of the power sellers that I know uses Google “Trends”. Trends finds out what people are searching for on the internet. Google searches for hot topics that people all over the world are searching each and every
day.  What my friends do is explore the list and see what they can get their hands on in order to sell on EBay. Just
keep in mind that EBay is international, so if something does not sell in your area does not mean it may not be a hot topic in another part of the world. Stay positive and don’t get discourage, EBay takes work and commitment, treat it like a business and it will provide an extra income to you.

In a future article we will look at some of the finer details of how to run an EBay business. We will look at deeper of how to list items, how to add pictures, how to ship the best way, how to track your feedback, and good customer satisfaction ratings.

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