Side Jobs I Have Done To Increase My Income

As it is the holiday season right now I am sure there are many of you that could use some extra cash for purchasing Christmas gifts just about now. There are a ton of good articles that give you ideas on how to make money or start a part time job to earn this extra cash. But what about side hustles or side jobs that you can do in your spare time even while you are employed full time or part time.

In the past I have had to do side jobs and plenty of my friends were in financial situations where they had to do the same in order to help with the bills. Some of these side jobs actually pay very well and most of them you can do when you are off of your full time job. Many of these jobs I actually did, so I know that it can be done even when you hold down a forty hour a week job.

Side Jobs that can be done while working a full time 40 hour a week job.

  • Yard Maintenance

Several of my friends have done yard maintenance for people to earn extra money. Word of mouth, social media or handing out flyers is a great way to pick up some clients. In the south, especially here in Floria the grass needs to be cut at least every two weeks and once a week during the peak season. Most small to medium size lawns pays $40 – $60 per cut. And if you are dependable, honest and do a good job you will start seeing referrals flying your way from your clients.

  • Office Cleaning

My wife and I had a couple of years where we needed to make extra cash in order to pay down our debt so we started cleaning offices at night and on weekends. We had keys to the buildings and we would go in around 6:00pm and work till 10:00pm 3 nights a week and we did a handful of offices on the weekend. We would make an extra $500.00 a week doing simple vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, and emptying the trash.

  • Detail Cars, Boats, and Motorhomes

Here in Florida everyone has a boat or motorhome and especially a car or truck. The sun and mildew does a number on the finish of these toys. Just by letting people you know or mentioning it on social media you can have some business coming your way. People will pay dearly to have someone do this for them and this is another job that can be done on nights or weekends.

  • Pressure Washing Homes or Driveways

This is a great little job to do in the summer especially when it is hot outside because you are going to get wet. Here in the south with the high humidity mildew is a really problem, there are plenty of elderly people that just cannot get out to do this simple chore that needs to be done at least once or twice a year. Most people charge anywhere from $100 – $300 to pressure was a house in the area that I live in.

  • Blogging

Do you love to write, do you have an idea for a blog? This is something that you can do in the quiet of your home or office when you are not busy at your full time job. While you are growing your blog, you can make some side dollars by writing blog articles for other people and sites. Gaining credibility is the name of the game, so by showing off your work with your own site can gain you the trust of other bloggers to write articles for them.

  • Painting

I have held a great many paint brushes in the my time. There were several years in the past that I had to come up with money to pay off bills and purchase new clothes for the kids to go back to school. Luckily enough I did like painting and I would spend 4 to 5 hours a night painting for people. This actually brought in a lot of extra cash which helped out our household very much at the time.

  • Handyman Services

Myself and several of my friends have done handyman work on the side for people. From doing small electrical jobs to hanging drywall, painting, plumbing or just cleaning out someones garage or attic all brings in extra dollars into your pocket. I find that word of mouth is the best advertising that I have used to get the business.

  • Sell Products on E-Bay

This has always been a great service to help bring in money for people. It does not take a lot of knowledge and it is something that you can at anytime of the day or night. Besides selling your own items, put the word out that you will sell items that other people want to get rid of. I know families that are making an extra $300 -$500 dollars a week doing this when they are not at their full time job.

What are some of the things you have done to earn extra income when you needed it?


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