The Ankar 15W Solar Charging Device To Charge All Your Devices

Review of the Ankar 15W Solar Charging System

Life around the world has changed over the past decade where we are more addicted to living in a digital world. The issue arises where when there is a power outage we or when we out in the woods hunting or backpacking we have no way to keep our devices charged without available electricity. This happened to our family last summer when we had no power due to the hurricane that wiped out our electric for several days.

Luckily, as solar is getting cheaper and more compact we can now plug our devices into small fold-out solar panels that can keep our digital world operational. These panels have been around for awhile now but today they are cheaper, lighter in weight and the cost of them have dropped dramatically. 

As our smart phones have evolved over the years these little devices have a wealth of information on them that we cannot be stuck without. Even if the power grid does go down and cell service is knocked out our smart phones hold a large amount of data in them that we do rely on. From E-books, PDF’s, photo’s, music, and other entertainment that will help keep us occupied during times of no power.

Or Review of the Ankar 15W Dual USB PowerPort1Solar Charging System

Why I like The PowerPort Solar Lite

This small device says what it is going to do and it does it. This is one of the lightest and smallest charging systems that we have tried and it puts out a 15W charge. Measuring 18”x11” when unfolded and weighing in at 12.5 ounces it is smaller and lighter than many other more expensive models out on the market. When testing these great little solar changers we found that many on the market did not perform well when clouds were around, but this Anker went back to full charging when the clouds were gone from overhead.


With all the advancements in technology today all of us need to have some source of portable solar panels that are reliable and easy to transport. This is why The Ankar 15W Dual USB PowerPort is ranked high on our list of favorite devices.



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