The Strange Fairy Chicken Egg

Eggs come in all different sizes and colors, but I bet you have never heard of a “fart or fairy” egg? These eggs can also be called dwarf egg or wind egg. Fairy eggs are more common from pullet chickens but older hens may lay yolk-less eggs also. The fairly eggs are eggs without a yolk and will and usually will appear when the pullet chicken are young and first attempting to lay eggs. A fart egg is small and round and will resemble a grape or marble but could be as big as a ping pong ball. The color of the fart egg is darker and more vibrant since the smaller egg will receive an extra dose of dye from the slower journey through the oviduct. Fairy or fart eggs are nothing to be concerned about; it just means that the hen has not released a yolk (ovum) yet in her body during her production of eggs phase mainly due to lack of maturity in the hen.

The question does arise, can fairy eggs be eaten? Personally I do not eat them since most of he nutrition from eggs is in the yolk of the egg and that is what fart eggs are missing. I have read that people do eat them, for me I use them for education purposes. I use these eggs to help explain to newbie back yard chicken farmers the production cycle of young hens laying eggs for the family.

Have you ever received a fairy chicken egg from your flock before? We would love to hear from you.

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