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Starting A Home Inspection Business

Starting A Home Inspection Business

 Start Your Own Home Inspection Business

Home inspection business is an untapped business opportunity which could put on the road to being a successful business owner If you have obtained the license to be a qualified home inspector, you can plan to establish your own business and be your own boss. Here is some useful guidance for you.

Step 1:

Although you have attended a home inspection course and have passed the state exam (if your state requires one) you are still not a professional home inspector. Some of you may have been in the construction trade industry in the past and this will help you when doing inspections, but it is still not enough to be a business owner, especially a home inspection business owner.
It is advised that you should start working as an apprentice or assistant to an experienced home inspector. Get the senior to be your coach or mentor. Working with an experienced professional is ideal as he or she can provide valuable hands on experience to you.

Step 2

Do thorough research for your market. You need to have the statistics of how many homes have been sold in the area where you plan to offer your services. Find out how many of these homes were inspected previously. It is also necessary for you to know how many other inspectors serve the area and how much is their service fee. It is important for you to know your potential clients as well as your competitors.

Step 3

Before you start your inspection business you must decide which inspection reporting software you will be using. There are many options on the market and for you to consider. These software programs range in price and they allow you to give a clear and concise report to your clients. Be careful, they can get pretty pricey so do your research.
Step 4

In order to expand your network, you are encouraged to join any of the recognized trade associations such as The National Association of Home Inspectors, American Society of Home Inspectors and The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors. You are able to meet real estate agents, contractors, builders and other professionals in the same field. These people are able to share some valuable insights and useful tips with you.

Step 5

Make sure that you keep in mind having insurance that covers you for errors and or omissions. This is must to have. Plus you will want to make sure that you have good general liability and a good health insurance plan on top of business insurance.
Step 6

It is a must for you to create a business plan which is critical for your success.  A good business plan and a resume about yourself that you can share with the people you network with is important.

If you have never been in business before, I would encourage you to take additional training programs which specialize in business management and accounting. With the steps above, you should be able to prepare for your business in a more appropriate manner.



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