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You Can Be Successful

You Can Be Successful

Everyone Has The Ability to Be Successful

In order to be successful we must be able to take risk. Risk are frightening because we may get hurt or fail. We try to protect ourselves from getting hurt and we tend to get into a comfort zone and we get complacent because we are comfortable. But in order to be a successful person we need to break down the walls of being complacent and develop a spirit of bravery.

In my fifty plus years on this earth I have had plenty of failures and missed opportunities. But with failure I have had some of my biggest learning experiences. I could have taken the easy way in life and not have taken chances but I would not be as successful as I am today. By going out on a limb and taking risk you will learn from your failed attempts and you will gain wisdom with each failure. Keep this in mind, you will never be successful in life unless you try something new. Trust me, if you do not try then years down the road you will play the blame game and the only person that you can blame is yourself for not trying.

Face Your Issues.

Do not run from conflict, face it head on and resolve any issues that arise in your path. From family issues to conflicts at work it is best to resolve the issue if you can. If you do not resolve the issue and you run from them instead the unresolved issues will eat away at you which can lead to depression and regret. 

The Blame Game.

It is human nature to blame others when it is ourselves that we should be blaming. I hear it all the time, I cannot get ahead in life because I was not raised correctly or I did not have the same opportunities as others had, the list could go on. Most of the time we blame others for our failures in life but in reality it is our laziness or insecurity that keeps us from taking chances in order to achieve new dreams. Stop blaming others and take responsibility for your own life.

Just Do It.

Always keep striving forward and never look back. This is what I tell everybody that does dive in head first and takes the chance. You always know that failure is a possibility but you will never know if you will win and be successful unless you try. I can tell you from my own personal experience that your wins will outweigh your losses and the feeling of winning is a great and rewarding feeling.

Always Keep Learning.

If for some reason you do not succeed stop and put the brakes on and try and figure what went wrong and look at this as being a learning and growing experience. We all need to keep learning and some of the best life lessons are what we learn from our mistakes and failures.


We all have it in us from the time we are born to keep reaching for the stars. Don’t get lazy and complacent but always keep striving for bigger and better in life. Life gives us rewards and it can also throw us failures. It is what we do when we fail is what makes us or breaks us. We need to take our failures and use them to learn by instead of looking at the failure as a negative and blame others for not being successful in life. Always take responsibility for your own actions.

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