Italian recipe

Italian One Pot Recipe

Italian One Pot Recipe

I personally love one pot recipes. Just dump all the ingredients in a pot and walk away, cannot get much easier than that. This recipe is called Italian Wonderpot which can be made by almost anyone. I came across this recipe many years ago and my variation is a little different than the recipe I ran into on Pinterest the other day. That is what is nice about this dish is you can mix or match in order to make your own variations.

I personally like using fresh herbs and ingredients when I make my recipe but if you don’t have fresh herbs store bought will work just fine. The main key is to not add water to the recipe. When cooking all the ingredients in the vegetable broth will create its own moisture which will cook the pasta.  The starch in the pasta will thicken the liquid into a sauce.

This is a great inexpensive recipe which is quick to make and tasty for the whole family.

For complete instructions go to One Pot Wonderpot

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