Helpful Ideas To Find Your Passion

Helpful Ideas To Find Your Passion

Do you know what your passion is?

We all have dreams and desires, we want everything perfect. We want the perfect house, the perfect job, the perfect children, and the perfect lifestyle. Many of us that in reality we are just living from day to day to make ends meet and do not have any close to a perfect life or living to fulfill our passion in life. Most of us have the Sunday blues because we start dreading about going back to work on Monday. Many of us are forced to work six days a week now in order to try and live a lifestyle that we dream of having one day, but to be truthful we are just becoming workaholics. Then one day reality sets in and you wake up and you are in your middle 50’s, you realize that you have wasted 50 plus years of your life and you have accomplished nothing meaningful.

How can we change and find our passion?

Each and every one of us need to dig deep into our soul and find out what our passion’s are. Many of us a need to put some hard thought into this, we may need to figure out what we really want out of our time here on earth. Let’s take a look at some ideas that may help us figure out what our passion really is.

Make a visionary board

First purchase a large bulletin board, not a marker board but a large cork board to hang pictures on. Thumb through magazines, print off pictures from Google, go through vacation pictures, take all the pictures that bring a twinkle to your eye and hang them on the bulletin board. This is a tacit that sales professionals use to motivate them to go out and sell.

Keep motivated.

Hang encouraging thoughts, sayings, and pictures around the house to help motivate you to find your passion. Motivation is what will keep you searching for your passion.

Make a Pinterest account.

I love Pinterest for making boards of all my favorite things in life. I also have a board for making my bucket list ideas and for ideas that make me happy. I can reflect on these pins and boards to find out what my true passions are.

Reflect back on history.

I love to look back on history and look at old pictures from when I was a child growing up. My two passions from when I was young was to fish and hunt in Wisconsin. Then as I got older things changed in my life, but my dreams and thoughts still go back to the days in Wisconsin growing up as a kid. Then as I grew older my likes changed some and I loved to work on cars. I still have thoughts today about working on old cars and restoring them.

Journal your dreams.

For some of us our dreams while we sleep can speak to us. Dreams are sometimes thoughts and feelings that are in our sub-conscience. For a few people dreams can be scary, but for me and probably many of you our dreams are movies that come from good and positive memory’s of the past. A good activity is to write your dreams out the next morning so you do not forget what your dreams are, record them on paper for future review.

Another activity that you can work on is to list happy fun time’s that you can remember from the past that you loved to do as a child and then later when you were a teenager and then as a young adult. Here are a couple helpful ideas to get you started. 

  • What do you like doing in your free time?
  • What excites you?
  • What kind of lifestyle do you want to accomplish?
  • What are you talents in life?

These are just a few to give you an idea of what to think about when writing down your thoughts and ideas.

Now let’s put the puzzle together.

Now that we have put together a visionary board, started a Pinterest account and have boards and pin’s saved, reflected back to what makes you happy and made a list of what you like to do. Take a look at the visionary board, what type of pictures did you hang on your board? Log into your Pinterest account and see what types of pins are you finding yourself saving, do they resemble the pictures that you have on your visionary board? Re-read your list of activities that you like to participate in, do they reflect anything that you have on your visionary board or pins on Pinterest?

From this you should be starting to see things coming together. Now it is time to take all these pieces and sit down and put together the puzzle of your life together. When the puzzle is done this is what your passion is.


For me my passion is to help others. One way I do this is by my writings and post that I share on this blog. I have a very diverse background and I have accomplished many things that are on my bucket list. I use my writing ability to share what I have done in life and offer advice on many different topics. By being able to do what I have a passion for this gives me ability to enjoy some of my other passions that I have such as fishing, enjoying the great outdoors, and etc.

These activities will not give you all the answers in life, this should help get you started on finding out what you really do desire and get you on the road to finding your true passion. For many of us this is not easy and it will take some hard work, don’t give up in the end it will be well worth the hard work.




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