Some Of The Easiest Vegetables To Grow In A Container / Pot

Some Of The Easiest Vegetables To Grow In A Container / Pot

Vegetable Gardening in a Pot

For many people that live in cities they are limited to the amount of space where they can grow a vegetable garden. A great alternative to this dilemma would be to grow vegetables in containers on your deck or patio. There are several types of vegetables that are easy to grow and in this post we will offer our suggestions to what grows the best in containers.


Tomatoes plants can produce an abundance of great tasting fruit without much care or space. The tomato plants require about 5 to 6 hours of sunlight. Depending on the type of tomatoes you would like to grow will determine the size of the container you will grow them in. One of my favorite tomatoes to grow which produce an abundant crop are cherry tomatoes.


Beans can be very easy to grow and do very well even if grown when they are gown in containers. The key is when you purchase the beans to grow find out if they are bush style or if they are climbers. If you purchase beans that climb then you will need a trellis or place the container by a wall or fence so the beans can climb. Beans do like to have sunshine and the pot that you will use needs to be about 14 – 16 inches in depth. Beans will produce from spring till frost and are a lot of fun to watch them grow.


Lettuce is one of those vegetables that you can harvest multiple times in a season and lettuce grows very fast but it prefers to be grown in cooler temperatures. For us in Florida winter is the best time to grow lettuce. If you are growing lettuce that only produces leaves and not heads it is best to use a wide planter with about 4 -6 inches between the plants. For lettuce that produces heads it should be spaced farther apart. It is best to keep the soil moist but make sure that the soil does drain properly.


Both chili peppers and regular peppers are very easy to grow and a lot of fun to watch. Both types of peppers produce abundant amount of vegetables and they grow well in sunny warm areas. Keep the soil moist and well fertilized and grow in pots that are deep. Large pots that are more than 10 inches deep are best.


Carrots grow fine in large pots and produce good yields, but they do grow better in cooler weather and they love to stay moist. It is best to plant them in deep pots so they have room to grow large.


Eggplant is not everyone favorite food but it is fairly easy to grow. They love the heat so temperatures here in Florida and anywhere in the south are ideal for growing eggplant. Here in Florida we grow eggplants year around. Eggplants do better in containers than they do in large gardens.

Mustard Greens

Here in Florida and the southern states mustard greens are loved by many. These greens are do not do well in the colder weather but thrive in sunny hot conditions. This wonderful vegetable is easy to grow and it does not require much attention. Mustard greens are great for salads and are rich in vitamins and nutrients.


One of the more healthiest herb / vegetable to eat and it adds a lot of flavor to many recipes is garlic.  Garlic is easy to grow in containers, just make sure that the pot is 6 – 10 inches deep and good and wide. Space the bulbs while planting about six inches apart to get the best return on your yield.


This brings back memories of when I was kid and my parents harvesting rhubarb for making pies and sauce. This plant is grows great in pots and you can receive multiple yields for years from each container you grow. Growing rhubarb can be grown both in the south and in the north even where winter can be fierce.


Another great vegetable to grow is Okra. This vegetable does wonderful in the warm summer season with plenty of sun and fertilizer and moisture. Here in Florida Okra is loved by almost everyone, when we go out to dinner we always order an appetizer of fried okra. Okra is easy to grow especially in containers but it would be better to grow the dwarf variety in containers since the plants do not grow so large.


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