poor man’s gravy

Southern Red Eye Gravy

Southern Red Eye Gravy

Nothing says country more than Red Eye Gravy.  According to Wikipedia Red-eye gravy is a thin sauce often associated with living in the Southern United States. The gravy is made of drippings left in a pan that has cooked sausage, bacon or country ham. Red-eye gravy is also called bird eye gravy, poor man’s gravy, red ham gravy or muddy gravy.

Today most people associate red-eye gravy with good ole country style ham. This ham is very salty and once the ham is cooked in a pan the grease is removed and black coffee is poured into the pan, this process is called deglaze the pan. The coffee and grease are then poured in the same container and mixed together to make the gravy.

Here are a couple recipes for making Red Eye Gravy.

Food Network

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North Carolina Recipe


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