How To Become A Positive Optimistic Person

How To Become A Positive Optimistic Person

I have been fascinated over the years with how the brain works and what causes the brain to make a person be positive or negative. So many people that I am around on a daily basis at work are extremely negative, I can go to work in a great mood and after being there for an hour or so I find myself turning negative also. I do believe that who we associate with daily does play a major role of how our personality will become. So what is it in our brain that turns us from positive to negative?

Prefrontal Cortex (PFC)

There is a section of the brain that is called the prefrontal cortex (PFC), this serves as the integration center for all our brain functions. The PFC is located at the frontal lobe of the brain and it regulates the signals that our neurons transmit to the other area of the brain. Science believes that there is a link between a person’s will to live or die and the functions of the prefrontal cortex. The PFC allows you to control your emotional responses and behaviors and this region of the brain is what controls our thoughts and actions with the internal goals that we have set or elect to pursue. This is why it is important to have short and long term goals for our life.

The power of positive thinking

The brain is a powerful muscle that is also full of chemicals and neuron transmitters. Positive thoughts and happy attitudes decrease cortisol and produces serotonin which carries signals between the nerves. Serotonin is a chemical that researchers say is responsible for a person’s mood, when a body is low in serotonin this leads to depression and anxiety. Serotonin transmits impulses between nerve cells and contributes to the wellbeing of the human body. Serotonin impacts every part of your body, from your emotions to your motor skills. Serotonin is considered a natural mood stabilizer and the chemical that helps sleeping, eating, and digesting. Serotonin also helps reduce depression, regulate anxiety, heal wounds, stimulate nausea, and maintain bone health.

How to regulate your serotonin

In my research I found that reducing stress and anxiety is one of the major keys in increasing your serotonin levels. Since we live from day to day with stress in our lives we are constantly doing things in our lives that have a negative effect on our serotonin levels in our body. If you find yourself craving sweet things like candy and other foods that are high in sugar your body is probably telling you that your serotonin levels are low. When your serotonin levels are low your body will tell you to eat sugary items in order to produce more insulin. Eating to many sugary items will play a negative effect on your body which will cause your body to be addicted to sugar and turn your body into a type 2 diabetic.

Negative Cortisol

When we are under stress our body excretes a steroid hormone called cortisol also known as glucocorticoid. This chemical is produced in the adrenal glands in our body and then released to travel in our blood all around the body. Cortisol can have many different reactions in our body depending on which cells it is working with. The effects of cortisol can control a bodies blood sugar, metabolism, blood pressure, memory formation and many other items. If the body has way to much cortisol you may see a rapid weight gain, high blood pressure, muscle weakness, and anxiety and depression.

The power of happiness

The old adage of what you see on the outside of a person is what is happening on the inside of the same person. This is so true, your thoughts form your character, your inner thoughts will reflect your character. Every thought that comes from the brain release a brain chemical, so when you are focused on negative thoughts the brain slows down and can dim the brain ability to function correctly which will cause depression. But if you focus on positive thinking, happy thoughts, joyful actions and thoughts this will decrease the cortisol and produce serotonin which helps the brain function at peak capacity.

Getting back to the prefrontal cortex of the brain

The PFC is the only part of the brain that can control your thoughts and emotions. The PFC allows you to control your emotional responses and it helps you to focus on goals and dreams that you elect to go after, the PFC helps you to grow as a human being and if need change your life to the way you decide to live.

Let’s look at 4 ways to improve your PFC so you can be happy.

  1. Your environment and who you hang with

The people you associate with on a daily basis is one of the main focuses of the environment that we are in. If we are taking in negative thoughts and feelings daily this will cause us to become negative and our brain will produce cortisol which zaps our joy and our strength. I find myself going to work happy and joyful then after an hour of negative talk and depressed associates I find myself falling right back into the trap of being negative myself. We must find a way to disassociate with negative co-workers and find ways to stay happy when being around negative forces.

  1. Journal positive thoughts and positive activities in your life

When you journal you are not just writing down things on a piece of paper you are actually etching these times and thoughts into your subconscious. Plus this is a tool that you can go back and review when times have you down or depressed. Journal is a great exercise to log a positive thought, emotion, activity that took place for you that day. Everyone should journal something positive each and every day. At the end of the week or month go back and review your journal.

  1. Meditation

Take time out of the day to meditate. This is a great practice to do every day, one should spend 15 – 30 minutes a day to give your brain and body a break. By closing off the world around you and resting the brain it will improve positive thinking and positive emotions. Again being positive has been proven to decrease illness and give us purpose in life.

  1. Be Optimistic

An optimistic person tend to be in better moods throughout the day, be more self-sufficient, are more successful in life, these people are also in much better health usually with lower blood pressure and diabetes. People who are optimistic are more committed to their goals, are more successful in achieving their goals, are more satisfied with their lives, and have better mental and physical health when compared to more pessimistic people. Gratitude is also associated with optimism and has been determined that grateful people are happier, receive more social support, are less stressed, and are less depressed.


What does all this mean to us? In order for us to have a much healthier and more rewarding life we need to change from having a negative outlook on life to being more positive and  grateful. Some of us need to change some of our friendships and find positive people to associate with. Some of us also need to change the way our brain thinks and acts, we need to take time to give our brain a rest everyday through meditation and reflect on positive events and affirmation that come our way.

Think happy thoughts throughout the day, when hit with negative forces stop and refocus on positive thoughts. You are the one in control of your mind and you have the ability to change the things your brain thinks about. Start using this power of the brain to change from a negative pessimistic person to a positive optimistic leader.

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Live And Surround Yourself With Positive People

Live And Surround Yourself With Positive People

People with positive attitude

I just came back from a four day convention and it was fantastic to be around people with a positive attitude. People that are positive and think positive thoughts seem to have a happier life and seem to have a great outlook at life. Even look at how much healthier people that are positive seem to be, they are more relaxed, they do not get stressed out over little things, and most don’t have to take high blood pressure medication or any sort of anti-depressants.

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The line of work I am in tends to put a large number of negative people in my life. When sitting back and watching these people I find that they are short tempered, they have a poor outlook on life, they are most likely on some sort of ant-depressant medication, and are terrible people to be around.

After spending these past four days with people that are positive I could actually feel my body take on a whole new feel to it. I was not stressed all the time, my muscles did not ache, my headaches were minimal, and I could feel my breathing was a lot smoother. It is amazing what stress can do to your health, and it is amazing how you feel when you are surrounded by positive thoughts and happy people.

In our day to day walk we are surrounded by negative people, they tend to prey on positive people trying to convert them to their way of being negative. We have to learn to stay positive and keep a positive outlook on life. A person’s attitude is just a frame of mind that you have to keep control of and manage what you listen to and manage what you allow to go into your sub-consequence. The old adage, garbage in garbage out.

A good example of this would be, watching the 24 hour news and weather stations. One out of every one hundred news reports are always negative. Negative media sells! People thrive on watching these stations, you very rarely ever  hear a positive news article, all the breaking news is about shootings, death and murder, never about something positive that has happened. If a person was to sit and watch these news channels, that person would eventually live in a sense of fear.

Change your life and change your attitude.

Living in a positive environment can lead to a much healthier outlook on life. Positive energy attracts positive people. This being the “Law of attraction”. Studies have proven that goals in life are much easier achieved by having a positive outlook on life.

Positive exercises to help you keep a positive and healthy life style.


Meditation – Setting some time daily even if it is just 15 minutes a day and focus on positive thoughts can change your life and make you a healthier person.

Calming music – The music that you listen to can affect your life and your thinking. Look at country music for an example, most of the songs focus on death, drinking, sex, and negative messages. Get to Rap music focuses on death, killing, sex and drugs. The Blues music focuses on being depressed and blue. Music can play a major role in your feelings, and your attitude on life. To think and a positive outlook you need to listen to music that calming and or energizing and promotes positive messages.

Exercise – Exercise is a great way to uplift your body, a great time to meditate. Exercise is a great time to spend time alone and think about positive thoughts.

Sleep – Sleep is getting harder and harder to come by in this materialistic world. Studies have shown that a body needs to have at least 8 good hours of quality sleep in order for the body to run at peak performance.

These are just a few of many ways for the body and mind to run at a positive rate. It is hard to be positive all the time, when you feel negativity coming into your thoughts, stop and take action to curb these negative influences out of your existence. Do some meditation, or listen to some positive uplifting music, do something, take some action and don’t allow negative energy back into your life.

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