Portable Camping Hunting Fishing Cook Wood Stove

Portable Camping Hunting Fishing Cook Wood Stove

Here is another great idea for a portable wood stove that I came across today while doing some research online about going off-grid.

This is a great stove you can use to cook your dinner, dry your gear, heat your shelter, or just warm your hands and feet at a cold winter’s night. Safer than an open fire. Small enough to transport in your car and easy to carry. The ample cook top space gives you room to cook up lots of tasty dishes. When you’re not cooking, you can rotate the cook top outward to dry wet socks and gloves. In areas where open fires are not permitted this portable stove could be a handy item to have. A great gift idea for campers, fisherman (great for ice-fishing), hunter, or lover of wood-burning stoves.Stove Measurement: 18 inches long × 10 inches wide × 12 inches tall.


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