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Solar Window Box Is A Good Start For Going Off Grid

Solar Window Box Is A Good Start For Going Off Grid

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If you are like me I am constantly looking for ways to live off-grid. With today’s economy it is my passion and it should be yours also to save as much money as possible. One of the best and easiest ways is through solar. Solar can be used for so many things, from producing electric, heating your hot water, and even heating your home.

I remember as a child my mother made a window solar panel and then she made a window solar box heater and this was back in the 1970’s. These are simple to make and the expense is minimal if you are the type of person that is handy with a few simple tools.

When I read this article I was amazed that I had not thought of building a window solar box heater for myself. I had one many years ago but I totally forgot about it till I came across this article. This great little project can add warmth to a room when it is cold outside and if need be it can serve as a little oven. All you will need for this project is a couple sheets of corrugated plastic panels (like what is used for a greenhouse) and a few simple tools.

To help with air movement you can add a couple solar fans to move the warm air from the window box into your living space.

Information for how to build a window box solar heater is available on hereā€¦

Link For More Information About Building a Solar Box


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