How Storytelling Is Powerful

Have you ever heard the statement “Facts Tell and Stories Sell”? If not, this is an old clique that has been around for years plus you can find it is all over the internet. This statement is dead center correct, stories allow the audience feel more comfortable during a presentation. Our culture has grown up with the love of a good story. Many famous authors like Oprah, Disney, Ellen DeGeneres’ have become famous simply by telling stories that are of human nature. Stories help individuals to connect on a deeper more intimate level.

Stories help us to remember because they are memorable. Stories illustrate a point which by-passes our critical thinking factor and tells the mind to focus and put yourself into the situation itself.  If you are able to reach the client and have them engage in the story that you are trying to share then you will have touched the client on a level that no facts could ever reach. This is why the clique is so true “Facts Tell and Stories Sell”.

Businesses use stories called testimonies as their tool of power for selling and closing a deal. In our brochures at our corporation we focus on testimonies by current customers to show how we are a family friendly business and how we can handle any need that arises. It is our philosophy to build a relationship with the customer by showing them we can be trusted and be the company that comes to mind when they have an issue. Because we are a family friendly company that builds relationships with all of our customers our referral business is what makes us successful. We have found that our stories really set us apart from the competition and having strong testimonies from our clients helps us to close sales at a remarkable high percentage.

How we close so many sales is that first we meet with the customer in their home at the kitchen table which makes the customer comfortable because we are a guest in their home. Then we break the ice with the customer by engaging them in conversation and we use testimonial stories to connect and build trust with the customer.These stories are testimonials of success which cuts straight through all the marketing confusion and touches the emotion of the potential client. We help the client to relate to the story or testimony that is being shared in order to build the relationship that we are trying to create.


Everyone has a story to tell, storytelling can help build a business or it can help repair a relationship. Some people say that storytelling is an art but there is a story in each one of us, just use your story for doing good for others.

What has been your experience with storytelling? Tell us in the comments.


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