Do You Think Like An Entrepreneur?

What do you envision when you think of an entrepreneur? Do you picture someone selling items door to door, or a young child selling lemonade from a lemonade stand, or do you envision someone that is a consultant for a big firm?

Not all entrepreneurs were born with a thought of starting a business when they become an adult. Being an entrepreneur comes from a burning desire to be different and entrepreneurs have a dream of becoming successful. This takes learning a skill and turning it into a dream of it being a profitable business.

To be a successful entrepreneur it takes a combination of knowledge of a skill and the knowledge of how to take this skill and put into action of being a business owner. A successful entrepreneur needs to have 4 characteristics to be successful and that would be:

1 Optimistic

2. Dedicated

3. Passionate

4. Self-confident

Must have the mentality of an entrepreneur.

1.  Do Not Settle

I can personally tell you that I am not a corporate person. I do not like being employed by someone else and having to endure all the politics that take place in corporate America. This is not a pride issue and I am not being self-centered about this, it is just a mission of mine to be successful. My goal in life is to be successful in everything I do and I do not want to share any of this success with some corporation that will benefit from my success. Being employed for someone else is making someone else rich on my behalf and I do not see this in my cards. Are you employed and are they getting rich by what you do?

2. I am in the game to win.

Winning and losing is the game of life, and life is filled with risk and opportunities we face every-day. The difference for an entrepreneur is how we handle our wins and our losses. We need to tally our wins and losses and take every loss and use them to learn from. It is easy to get discourage from losses, but we must change our outlook and take losses and use them as a learning tool instead of beating ourselves up from them. When we win we need to build on these wins in order to be more confident, build up our self-esteem. When we have the confidence and self-esteem we will be able to take more risk and turn our dreams into reality faster.

3.  Confidence leads to success.

When you have the opportunity to hang out with your peers use this time to learn from their success. The best entrepreneurs do not flaunt their success but they use it as a tool to be in the same company with successful and confident entrepreneurs. Every great profession is made up of talented people, take the time to spend with these talented people to learn what made them confident and successful. See the value in humans and open your eyes to what people have to offer.

Do you think like an entrepreneur? What’s stopping you from chasing your dream?


I have always had an enthusiasm for homesteading and for living off the grid even though I live in a combination of country and urban setting. Living in Central Florida north of the big cities we have the best of both worlds, country and the conveniences that a person would have living in a large urban city. I personally have had a concern about our weakening economy and how it effects each and every-one of us. The second thing that I have a concern about is how most of the world view’s our country and what may happen one day here in the United States. My Life Experiences I was raised by parents that grew up during the great depression, they passed onto me what life was like and how people had to live during this time period. My family were farmers, gardeners, and homesteaders, they were raised this way and they passed onto me these qualities. I also have family members that live totally off the grid. They live in the North Woods of Minnesota which is a great location for living off the grid. The Southern Homesteader is a passion of mine, I love passing on and sharing information about cooking, news, being self-sufficient, living off the grid, canning, food storage, budgeting, and much more. Since this blog is a passion of mine I am constantly adding and tweaking this site to be a better resource for you. More About Me I grew up in Northern Illinois farm fields. After spending most of my life in large corporate business I decided to relocate to a small town on the nature coast of Central Florida. This is where I met my wife and between us we have 4 wonderful daughters. We have a small homestead where we raise our chicken and live freely. We also have a bug-out place in the mountains of North Carolina that we call our retreat. We spend time there getting things prepared for all our family members when SHTF. I am blessed with a wonderful family and the knowledge that God has given me so I can pass this along to you the readers. I will never tell what you what to do or what to purchase, I just am offering my opinion. I want to take this time to thank each and every one of you. Always feel free to contact me and drop me a note. I will do my best to respond to your emails in a timely manner. Thank you again, Tom Johnson