Time For A Change

Are you considering a job change, but your not sure it is time yet for a change? Or you know it is time for a change but you keep making excuses and you stay in your comfort zone. Here are some things to consider, if you can relate to any of these than I am sure it is time for a career path change or job change:

  • When Sunday night rolls around you start feeling negative, sad or sick because your already thinking about going back to work on Monday.
  • You start taking sick days called mental health days because you are so burnt out at work mentally.
  • You are constantly complaining about your job to your family and friends or anyone else that will listen to you.
  • The clock on the wall is all you look at waiting for your lunchtime to get here. You treat your lunchtime as it was the last moment you had left on earth.
  • You think of ways to claim workers comp just so you can get out of work and collect a partial paycheck on disability.
  • Your stress level is high which is causing physical and or mental health issues because you hate your job.
  • At the end of the day you are trying to find ways not to come back to work the next day.
  • Your family is suffering because of Anger and frustration you bring home from your work.

What I have seen.

For the past several years I have been in the role of recruiting and hiring individuals and I have talked to hundreds of individuals that are searching for a new career. With interviewing so many people along my journey I have heard everything there is about:

  • What causes a good work environment.
  • What makes people more productive.
  • What makes employees unhappy at work.
  • What motivates someone to go the extra mile at work.
  • What type of personality can cause a workplace turn negative.
  • What it takes to turn employees into team members.

These are some of the things that I hear from potential candidates looking for work. People tend to tell me what their experiences have been in the work world and what they are looking for now when it comes to finding a place to work that they can call home.

The Reason For This Article

I am writing this article in order to show you some of the signs to look for when you realize that it may be time for a change in your career. Not everyone is unhappy with their work or their work environment, if you are one of the happy people and you are not looking for a change maybe by reading this article you may find someone to share it with. We all have co-workers and friends that are not happy with their career or the job they are in, please share this information to those in your circle of friends that are not happy.

Yes many of us do have jobs or careers that we love and get excited about, but at the same time there are many people that cannot say they are happy with what they do. They dread getting up in the morning to head to a job that they hate.

What I have experienced.

I remember the last couple of jobs that I had I knew a day or two after getting the job that I was not going to like either the company or the people I was forced to work with. I tried to come into the job with an open mind and high expectations but that was blown away the first day on the job. The last position I had I learnt how to put up with the unhappiness, I learnt how to become numb to the bad work place environment and operate with a smile on all the while I was being tore up inside with anger and hate for the job and the company

If you find yourself in a place like I was in you need to break away and look for something new. You will hear from family and friends that you should have sucked up the bitterness and stayed at this terrible job, because:

  • How it would look on their resume of job application.
  • What would other employers will say if I have had to many jobs over the past years.
  • I cannot leave this place because I cannot leave my co-workers or my boss at this time.

When talking to people I cannot believe how some people feel so committed to a job or an employer. When we take on a position with a company we are not signing a contract that we are going to be their employee for life. We go to work for a company in order to share our gifts and talents with them in return for a monetary financial return plus benefits. We should also expect to have a work environment that is conducive to our work and our happiness. When we do receive these things and we are happy this is called a win/win situation, but when things become negative and we do not enjoy the work environment or our boss then it turns into a lose/lose situation and this is when it is time to start looking for a new job.

Reasons for change

When you decide to leave a position with a company there is seldom any doubt in your mind. It could be as simple as waking up in the morning and you realize you do not love what you are doing anymore. Everything could be ok with your work environment, you could love your boss and your co-workers but you just do not have the ambition anymore to do a good job. 

Now on a flip side you my love your job but either you hate your boss, the company or the work environment is just toxic. You know without a shadow of doubt you just can no longer be employed for this company anymore.

Both of these scenarios have different views for a job change. I have been in both of these situations in my past job history and trust me you do not want to experience either one yourself. One situation I was trying my best to get out of the company but no doors were opening up for me, then one day I walked in and I was laid off. It was the best feeling in the world to walk out of that company that day.


People can come up with every excuse in the book to not leave a job even when you hate it with a  passion. Trust me, I have been down this same road and now I coach people who are there right now. Here are some of the excuses I have used and I hear from my clients.

  • I really enjoy the work but the environment that I have to work in is extremely toxic.
  • I love my co-workers but I cannot stand the company and the pay.
  • The grass is never greener someplace else.
  • The money is fantastic and it is worth the stress and headaches for the good pay.

If you are still reading this I am sure that you are looking for a new career or job. You can come up with many excuses but in the end if you really feel deep down that you need to have a career or job change then it is up to you to stop making excuses and take action to make this change. Here are some responses to your excuses that you need to consider.

  • You need to be passionate and happy with your where you work and be in a win/win with your employer and company.
  • There are hundreds of great jobs with fantastic work environments , you just need to have faith and take some action to see what is available to you.
  • Money is not everything, and money does not replace happiness. Money does take care of the bills, but if your job is eating you up inside then it is time for a change.

You just need to remember that you can have a job you love and a fantastic work environment. I have had this type of position before  and it is a great feeling. So stop telling yourself or letting others tell you it is impossible to have your cake and eat it too. You need to tell yourself “shouldn’t I be happy with my work and career and be happy with my environment”.


It is your choice to make, you can choose to settle and not make any changes and be miserable. Or you can stop making excuses and start looking to making a change in your life. You and you alone have to make the decision, I do not know you and I am not the one that is walking in your shoes.


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