Who We Are

Many people feel that living off the grid you have to live
in some rural part of the country that the only sunshine you see is what God pumps into you. This is so not the case. Many people are looking to take back the control they have given up of their lives through homesteading and or living off the grid.

 Living off the grid is simply a mindset that you want to be FREE.

We all want to be FREE, but Freedom is not FREE

Back in the 1970’s many people ran to the hills to escape from people and government control of their lives. My sister and her family were one of these that sold everything they owned packed up the kids and moved to northern Minnesota about thirty miles from the Canadian border. To this day they still live off the grid and all their kids have grown and left the roost but they all have stayed in Minnesota to live the same life as their parents. Myself, I did not like the cold and snow so I moved the opposite direction and went to Florida where the sun is warm and the only thing you shovel is sand.
This blog does not assume that you live like my sister and family in a location that is so far out in the woods that you don’t see civilization for months on end. We assume that you live in an area that you do
come in contact with people and neighbors and have a pretty normal life. We assume the reason that you are here is that you are looking or interested in learning skills that will help you to have a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle that will give you a more positive outlook and attitude.

Why Start Now?

Why not start now, Off Grid Living is a process and lifestyle change. Changes do not happen overnight and around every corner there
is something new to learn. One thing I have learnt in my 54 plus years is that you never stop learning or changing. If you want to get off the grid but you want to still live in your current urban or suburban lifestyle than you came to the write place. We will look at ways to start preparing to go off grid, become more self-sufficient, live more independent and start saving more income to eliminate some of the debt in your life so you can be happier.